Day 2, June 17th 2012


Today’s photo is this…

Not just an artistic shot of a toilet roll on the bathroom wall, in fact it’s a bit of a puzzle!

You see normally there is a small silver square end cap to the toilet roll holder that hides the open end, now before it has been carelessly flicked off by my children – I’ve promptly found it & returned it to its rightful place, but this time the end cap has been missing for almost a week & hasn’t been seen since last Monday!

I know it was there last Sunday as I tidied up & cleaned the bathroom, also I remember having had to put it back in situ while cleaning. Now our friend Nigel was down Sunday evening & left Monday morning, the end cap hasn’t been seen since… I wonder is he perhaps playing a prank on us?!

I’ve checked everywhere possible in the bathroom, under both cupboards, behind the toilet, under the sink, but it is nowhere to be seen – it’s a mystery!!!

The reason for the photo??? Well I went to the loo, was checking posts on Instagram & the thought of a blog/photo just popped in my head, so I took the picture & finished the blog after… Yes, my hands were washed & my phone was put down before wiping, lol!!!


One response to “Day 2, June 17th 2012

  1. The mystery has in fact been solved since I wrote this blog…

    Well, it was solved at approx 5pm yesterday (Sunday 17/06) when Cameron was helping me tidy the girls room & he found the missing end cap under Anneliese’s pillow in her bed!!! Lol

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