Day 3, June 18th 2012

What photo shall I use today I have been pondering all morning, not having taken any shots today I will have to go through my folders & find something I deem worthy of today’s blog!

I think I know the perfect photo (or two) as I am off into town shortly, where I am to meet up with my friends Emma & Fiona – we are meeting at one of my favourite places: Costa coffee shop!!!

Yes, I admit it… some people are addicted to drugs, some alcohol, some nicotine & even some addicted to sex, but I have a coffee addiction – really I do, on average I must drink at least 10 cups of coffee a day at home!  Excessive don’t you think?!

Costa is fond to my heart, I don’t think you can get a better cup of coffee elsewhere… in my honest opinion nothing comes close, I’ve tried Starbucks, Pret, Bean around the World but they just don’t compare to Costa at all.

So here is a little photographic montage of a few trips to Costa – Enjoy :0)

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