Day 4, June 19th 2012

What do I love to do more than taking photos?!

Well, those of you that know me well will no the answer to this is baking & creating!!!

Today’s photo montage is from today’s baking project… A very special birthday cake for 1 of my most closest friends mum.

Now I’m pretty much left to design this cake, as I’ve just been told the colours black, red & silver, so I’m yet to come up with an exact design as it’s bake day today & decorate tomorrow (well that’s the plan, I will no doubt do it all today though).

I therefore am going to post photos of today’s action in the kitchen… From perfect cake lining, mixing, cooling, making vanilla frosting, to decorating & the final finished project!


Please note, you do not see a large (double size) mug of coffee in the background – it is a mere figment of your imagination!!! Hahaha


My most treasured kitchen appliance – my Kitchenaid… Love It x


Cooling on the racks, just a little trimming to edges is required


A tsp of Madagascan Vanilla extract is added to the creamed Butter


Add 1lb of Icing Sugar


Just needs a couple tbsp milk to produce the best Vanilla Frosting ever!!!


Final beating of the Frosting


Perfect fluffy, white, light Vanilla Frosting


Trimmed bottom sponge with a perfect layer of Vanilla frosting


Add a layer of seedless Strawberry jam


Classic, undecorated… perfect for an afternoon tea!!!


A quick Crumb Coating of frosting…


All you need to Regal Ice a cake


Rolled out beautifully :0)


Now the fun begins… A plain cake ready to decorate!


All finished… Made with love & passion x

I’ve also got some special cuppies (cupcakes) to make for another of my closest friends (so close in fact,  I class her as my adopted daughter) friends baby shower, I will also later in the week have to make some black, red & white royal icing – this will be used for another project I’m doing for the school feté (ladybird cookies for the cake stall) – just hope I have enough time to do these, I should do if I plan it right!

Longfields school feté is on Saturday 11am-1pm, why not pop along & support this lovely little school in Bicester?!

I will be blogging about these projects on my cakey blog next week so please go & check out: So·phis·ti·cakez! 


4 responses to “Day 4, June 19th 2012

    • Well sadly dear husband this little beauty went to Emma’s mum yesterday & was a big hit! So no slice free here… But I’m going to be making another birthday cake tomorrow – but shhhhh, it’s a secret so no more spoilers on here! Lol xXx

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