Day 5, June 20th 2012

Ok, so today’s photo hasn’t quite gone to plan…

You see I decided yesterday that I had the perfect subject to take a gorgeous photo or two for today’s post, but alas the perfect opportunity to arise for me to take such photos was not there today – so hopefully tomorrow or another day soon I will be able to capture what will be a beautiful blog subject!

On with what I have chosen instead…

I am a bit of a game freak along with my photography & baking, there’s a few games I particularly like on my iPod touch – I actually love this little device for many reasons not just gaming, for example blog apps exist so u can blog from here as I am right now!!!

Well, the subject of today’s photos is ‘Draw Something’ you may have heard of this particular app if you indeed own an iPod/iPad/iPhone, Android device or in fact are on Facebook… It’s a great little drawing game you play with friends – you draw & they guess & vice versa.

Now I decided as it causes a fair few giggles to create a Facebook album of screen shots as some drawings are so funny & I just had to share them, now I’m going to share some ‘classics’ with you too!!!










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