Ooooops, think I may have forgotten something?!


Yes, I am most humbly apologetic to my regular blog readers… But since starting up this photographic blog I have somewhat neglected my other blogs  – My bad :0)

How can I have let this happen???  Well, the simple fact is if you read my other blogs you will see they are somewhat more informative than this one so therefore take up a little more time to do… I have a fairly hectic home life, you see I don’t work as such although my ‘hobby’ (I hope to make it a professional business one day) of cake making does take up a fair amount of time, then there’s the house itself & all the chores that come with it, my 3 adorable children although are at school Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm (well actually, 8.55am-3.15pm) there’s just so much to do, appointments, shopping, etc, etc & then there’s the animals as well!

I’m pretty much non-stop 24/7 so yes my ‘normal’ blogs do sometimes get neglected, I’m not proud of it as they are my babies & I love to write – I just wish I had more time to do so!


What more can I say?!

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