Day 8, June 23rd 2012

So photos for today are from Longfields School Fête & yes, the weather was very kind & the rain stayed away for the duration…


Strangely though although it was a little overcast, poor Cameron still managed to get sunburnt on the back of his neck (bad mummy, should remember to put sunscreen on even if it’s cloudy)!

So fun was had by all, as has been tradition for the past 3 years all the year 6’s had their ‘Dragons Den’ stalls, each team has to devise a stall to try & raise the most money…
Cameron along with his friends Alex, Joshua & John had a ‘Build-a-Lego’ competition – not a bad little idea although maybe they overpriced the fee at £1 a go. You had 3 mins & were allowed 30 pieces of Lego & had to build your best creation from those two rules, the winner of best model won a small Lego kit at the end of the fête.


Other fun stalls from the year 6’s were: Frisbee Golf (looked a bit like a quiditch pitch), Football Frenzy, Euro Olympics, Splat-the-Rat all done by the boys & then there was Decorate-a-Cake run by Sara, Ellie & Dominica hats off to the girls for their idea!

I did feel a little sorry for the girls though, they had a little trouble with the wind as it wasn’t as well planned as it could’ve been. They were trying to make glacé icing up outside & icing sugar was flying everywhere, their paper bowl with mini marshmallows kept being wind swept over on the table, but they kept smiling!

Also going on around the school grounds were various other stalls such as ‘Hook-a-Duck’, ‘Lucky Dip’, ‘Bouncy Castle’, ‘Skalectrix Lane Change’, ‘Cake Stall’ (where my cookies sold out within 30mins, all 56 of them), ‘Plant Stall’, ‘Book Stall’, ‘Tombola’, ‘Stocks’ (which Hermione was helping to run as she is on the school council), ‘Raffle’, ‘Coconut Shy’, ‘BBQ’ to name but a few!







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