So busy yesterday!

Firstly HUGE apologies… SORRY & SORRY again for not posting yesterday!

I could’ve posted photos for a blog, but as I’ve done a baking photo blog already this week I didn’t want to do another so soon & I just didn’t get chance or opportunity to photo anything else interesting, then there was no time to put a blog in by the time I’d finished baking.

I believe it was something crazy like 01:57 when I had cleaned down the kitchen & decided that maybe I should go to bed, after all it’s the school fête today & I am out tonight!

So how come I was so busy yesterday, I mean I had attempted to save some time by baking 56 cookies on Thursday… But I still had 24 cupcakes to mix, bake, frost & decorate, a 7″ birthday cake to mix, bake, fill, frost, fondant, pipe & decorate, on top of that I had the cookies to outline, flood fill, decorate & dry – that was just the tasks in the kitchen!!!

Besides all that going on I had school runs to do, I had to take all 3 children to the dentist, I did take half hour out to visit bestie Jason & the boys on route back from the dentist – would need to treat the kiddies a little as I was going to be kitchen bound (I’d managed to do all the mixing, baking & making frosting before collecting them from school at 14:30 for the dentist).

I then had dinner to prepare & get on with frosting, fondant, piping, making royal icing, decorating… Now cupcakes are quick & simple to decorate, the birthday cake was more time consuming as you fill, crumb coat, fondant, then decorate – I piped the bottom edge & then after making the royal icing (needed for the cookies) I free-handedly piped the design on to my cake base, this is not a quick job!

Iced cookies look amazing, but unless you’ve ever made them I doubt anybody knows just how much work goes into these?! The royal icing takes a good 7-10 minutes to make, get the correct consistency & colour, then another 5 minutes or do to fill your bottles… Depending on a) the shape of cookie, b) the size of cookie & c) the quantity of cookies the decorating takes a good couple of hours minimum!

First you outline each cookie with a thin piped line around the edge of each one, then you have to flood fill with your base colour & wait for this to dry (at least an hour), then you can decorate with the piping… Now I’ve already said piping takes time, but if you’ve more than one colour you have to let each colour dry so you don’t get bleeding! It really is time consuming, but you get a real sense of achievement after you’ve finished them all – I do anyway!

So you see this is why I was so busy yesterday, I hardly left the kitchen apart from school runs, dentist & dinner… I was literally chained to it, but I did get everything done & I was very proud of my efforts – if you find my page on Facebook (there’s a link on the side of this blog) I’ve posted pictures of the finished projects there!

I can’t actually attach a picture as typing this in my iPod quickly before the school fête which is where the cookies have gone for the cake stall, I’ve no pictures on my iPod to post do sorry for that too!

I’ll try get some pictures at the fête I think for today’s photo blog… Not sure when I’ll get to write it as busy again today & out tonight, so I’d best get on as fête opens at 11am & I need to get down there pronto, Cameron & Duncan have gone already as Cammy is on a stall & Dunk’s doing the announcements – I got the girls to take :0)

May see you there if you fancy a wander?! Longfields School, Bicester 11am-1pm


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