Day 11, June 26th 2012

Now if I’d have had free hands to get my phone out this morning to photograph some great sights I could’ve done an amazing photographic blog today – well in my head it was amazing, not sure others have the same opinion as me on a) my blogs or b) my photos but I’ll just carry on as it makes me happy!

I would’ve photographed the pretty floral displays down town, the pavement washer, the gum removers & the new cigarette bins I spotted today, no I don’t smoke anymore & haven’t since April 12th but these new receptacles caught my attention so I had a closer look to see what they were!

All these little things that most people probably pass & think nothing of make Bicester a nice clean town to live in, I think it’s very important to notice how clean our little town is & these workers, flowers & cigarette bins make all the difference.

Now as I was laden with bags & of course a compulsory takeaway large skinny decaf cinnamon latte from Costa, alas none of the photos I had opportunity to get could be taken without looking so obvious & dumping my bags down in the street – not a good look, I try to blend in or look inconspicuous normally!

I also spotted a lady with the most gorgeous shade of purple hair, hut she was too far away to stop & a) ask where she’d had it done or b) ask if I could take her photo for my blog… So another missed opportunity there.

Anyhow, I popped round to see my very good friend Sharon (she lives directly behind me & I often call her Mom) as I’ve not seen her for ages & she suffers with MS – I like to stay in contact & see how she’s doing!

After a good chat & catch up, she gave me a lift home (as I had my bags & she was collecting something so needed to go out) but she sent me home with a little gift for Duncan & the children…


Well I never... lol!

I won’t touch these with a barge pole, I’m not a fan of bananas full stop – they’re evil, pure evil food I tell you! Sharon had eaten most of the top layer, so they’re obviously edible to a degree – maybe it’s the shape that detracts from eating them though?!


Not sure they look like bananas! Lol

Personally I think they look like something undesirable, you wouldn’t want to leave one lying around anywhere now would you? What do you think???


They look rather gross really...


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