Day 13, June 28th 2012

Ok, so this is a bit of a late one but I took this first shot in my street as this house has the most gorgeous poppies in their front garden & I’ve been trying to get a shot tor ages but it’s always been raining when I’ve had time recently!

Anyhow, along with the poppies they have this lovely exotic palm on the garden too so I got a far off shot of this & some of the poppies…  The sun was on my screen so I couldn’t see what the shot looked like at the time but I actually like how it turned out.


The other shot I took today sort of blends in with the palm in a loose type of way… It’s of my son Cameron in his new bandana that I purchased for his upcoming school play.

They’re doing ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’ & he’s playing the part of Slack!!!

Looks rather fetching I think?!



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