Day 15, June 30th 2012

Well it’s the start of our holidays & were packing the final bits… Look out of the window &




… It’s absolutely hammering it down, I mean Monsoon!!!

The few shots here I took from behind my windows as there was no way I was going to get my phone wet or myself tor that matter!

Funny thing is its now almost an hour later & the sun is starting to appear just as we’re about to leave, we’ve collected the house sitter & made final provisions so that they know what to do with the dog, how to feed the cats, also instructions for the fish & chickens!

Oh, also gave a reminder for the bins to be put out Mon night as with the 2 week scheme they’d be well overflowing if they got missed!!! Lol

Not sure how much blogging I’ll get done while away as I’m not sure of Wi-Fi capabilities where we’re going so much limitations… No Facebook, Twitter, Dice with Buddies, Draw Something, Song Pop, Words with Friends, Scramble with Friends etc

What will I do?! No doubt any current games will be forfeited & therefore I shall graciously lose knowing that it was unavoidable!!!

Don’t miss me too much, I’ll be back before you know it to astound you with hopefully some great shots :0)


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