Day 18, July 3rd 2012

Just… Lol

It’s currently 23:47 so I’ve only just squeezed this blog in for today – apologies as in a ‘blonde’ moment (no offence to blondes, I’m a ditzy brunette) I deleted all photos from my phone after I’d backed them up on my laptop… doh!

Anyway, we celebrated Cameron’s 11th birthday today so I’ve taken a few more snaps just to give you something.

We only brought our presents away with us & a present from his grandparents (on Duncan’s side) as that’s all we had when we left home on Saturday – no doubt he’ll have loads when we get home this weekend, I’ve had it on good authority (my bro who’s kindly dog sitting) that the cards have been piling through the door!

So here’s a couple piccies ofhos cards here & the new Dr Who figures he got as some of his presents while here.



He also got Skylanders for the PS3, some Thornton’s fudge (his favourite), a Sackboy keyring (character from ‘Little Big Planet’ for those wondering), 3 x Lego mini figures (triplets, how unlucky? Still he gave 1 duplicate to each of his sisters, ain’t he sweet?!), an ‘Angry Birds’ T-Shirt & also a new Tardis.

As I’m not used to this oven here at the cottage, Cameron chose a Thornton’s triple layer chocolate celebration cake which we had at the end of the day after we’d visited the ‘Isle of Wight’ Steam Train & Ventnor beach here’s a little video of our celebrations!

All in all an enjoyable day, except a tiny bit of sad news…

….. At dinner time I spotted a very cute, very tiny, very young baby bunny out of the window – he/she was lost but quite lively!

I’ve got some nice pictures on the camera but not for this blog I’m afraid. Anyhow, we left it be hoping it would find it’s way back to it’s mother… Approx 22:30 Duncan went out for a cigarette & it was on the patio cold, wet, shivering & hardly moving.

Me being me couldn’t see it suffer so out came the torch, a towel & we rescued the bunny & brought him inside to get him/her warm – wrapped in a towel, I held him/her for a bit to warm it up then we put it in the washing-up bowl (it wasn’t going to go anywhere, it was too weak).

I’ve a few pictures while it was still alive, but sadly the poor little soul has passed away now. RIP little bunny xXx





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