Day 19, July 4th 2012

‘Happy 4th July’ everyone!!!

So what do I have for y’all today?! Today we went back to the zoo as the weather was slightly better than it has been (uncanny thing is it’s glorious outside now as I write this at 20:01)!


So we managed to see a lot more of the animals, Lions, Leopards, Jaguars, Tigers, Lemurs, Wallabys, Spider Monkeys, Goats, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, a Raccoon & a Pig!

I got a fair few shots on my phone & Duncan used my semi-pro Lumix again, there were a few scattered showers but we didn’t get drenched like we did on Monday.

I also got a couple of nice foliage shots, well not so much foliage but poppies, clover & hydrangeas…





You’ll notice I’ve been playing with my phone again, I found frames so added them to the floral shots (is floral a better description I wonder?!) – I especially like the clover & hydrangea with the droplets of rain on them!

Got an extra blog for today, so keep your eyes peeled!!!


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