Distraction Technique!


This is what I’ve been focusing my attention on for the past 10 minutes while we sit in line waiting to drive on the ferry….. ….. The children quite literally are driving me crackers with: I’m bored, I’m thirsty, I’m hungry, why can’t we get on yet? etc, etc, etc! I so desperately want a cigarette it’s not funny, Duncan has been out the car for one & to my knowledge he’s had 3 or 4 in the past 2hrs. He noticed me staring out my window & said I looked bored – no I’m tetchy as hell, want a cigarette & am about to scream so I’m diverting my energy to the neighbouring cars hubcap – Dunk suggested I blogged about it, lol. Now at first I wasn’t going to as it really isn’t THAT exciting is it?! I mean it’s round, it’s silver, it’s got 5 wheel nuts (1 of which is different from the other 4 very shiny nuts), there are 10 triangular aerodynamic spaces (1 of which has the tyre valve sticking out), a Mazda emblem in the very centre & finally it’s sat on the wheel that has a tyre made by Potenza – a brand of tyre I’ve never even heard of & I could barely read it as my glasses are tucked away, so I had to squint! So there we have it, a very pointless blog about a pretty boring hubcap that has focused my attention away from the urge to smoke, away from the children (who are currently eating & drinking, but still bored) & diverting it to writing this blog! I wonder will anyone actually find this interesting??? Or will anyone actually like this blog or even bother to comment?! (Not that I get many comments anyway, lol) – Still it has kept me busy for the past 15 minutes!!!


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