Longest EVER journey……

Well we got off the ferry at 13:30 at Southampton docks & we’ve travelled approx 2 miles since then…

It’s currently 15:55… What a bloody joke!!! Welcome home – Not!

Duncan is working tonight, DJ’ing at the Kings & I’m supposed to be going out with him too, although really can’t see that happening at the moment.

The sat nav can’t pick up the disruption in traffic as it’s not a motorway we’re currently on, so who know’s what time we’ll get back!

The traffic is going down to one lane from three, so hopefully after that happens the blockage will pass & we can get on our way properly.

I need to get showered & changed before going out, also get three tired & grumpy children ready for bed too!

Here’s a few photos of what we’re stuck in:






& more traffic!


Obviously working hard on these roadworks???


All that for over 2.5 hrs traffic jam - Sheesh!!!

Well, it was the poxy road works & we’re finally moving, got onto the M27 with an eta of 17:24 according to the sat nav… Let’s hope there’s no other delays on the roads!

The good news – NO other delays & we’re finally home, it’s 17:21!!! Whoop


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