Day 48, August 2nd 2012

Yes I know, I’ve been slack with the blogs… Both normal & photographic, but life has just been absolutely frantic here!

So many, cakes, birthdays, chores & of course entertaining children during the school holidays too (yes they had a few days away at the grandparents, but having them back from dinner time yesterday it’s like they never went) it’s been hard work!!!

Now I’m unsure what to actually include as a photo blog today, so many photos but only a singular blog today… What to do?!

I know I’ll make lunch & have a think, then return to today’s blog – there’s a plan!

So it took longer than expected to decide on some photos, I was having an ‘off’ day (I’m entitled to that as everyone else is) so what photos do I have in store for you???

Just 2 photos but they give a great review I think, I’m a BzzAgent as you may or may not know (I review products & spread information to others via word of mouth) I love it…

Anyhow, I’ve had a couple of great campaigns recently 1 of which I sadly missed out writing a report on as the campaign ended today (the day we finally got to actually try out the product) sigh “/

So what was this campaign?! It was the new chilled Indian food range from Tesco (sadly not available in Bicester yet, but Aylesbury & Banbury stock it) called: ‘Taste of India’

We opted to try Butter Chicken, Pilau Rice & Roti, Tandoori Chicken Masala – you can get 3 dishes for £6 or 5 for £9 (the 3 we chose was just enough for 2 people to share)

What was the verdict on the food?! Well look at my photos & you may get an idea ….


'Looked & Smelt Wonderful'


A very clean plate!!!

Absolutely loved it, highly recommended :0)


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