Day 67, August 21st 2012

Sorry for lack of blogs, but school holidays this year have: a) been manic b) been wet & c) not very photogenic

There possibly have been photographic moments, but I’ve just Instagram’d some, missed others & just not noticed some before it’s too late – slack I know, but I’m going to make a concious effort now.

There’s exactly 15 days until the children are back to school (2 weeks tomorrow in case you’re wondering) I’ve practically finished getting lunch boxes, school bags, new uniform & school supplies now so hopefully things will be a little easier…

Although I’ve had a job interview, been busy with chores, of course there’s been cakes too & I’ve tried to keep some me time in the loop also (I’d be completely raving mad if I hadn’t).

So what shall I put in as today’s picture I wonder?! Not much exciting has happened… Oh look another missed photo opportunity just passed me! Doh “/

We could’ve had a fabulous photo of a flock of geese flying past, if I hadn’t been busy typing this out on my mobile I could’ve taken the picture! Still, que sera sera…

So I guess a picture of me in full school holiday mode, with my new hat (which I love almost as much as my black cap, both from Accessorize I may add)


Looking a little serious, must be the writers concentration face!

Sorry I look so stern, I really still struggle taking pictures of myself on my phone… My bad! Lol


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