New Beginnings…..

So this blog should’ve been out yesterday, I typed it, added a photo & poof it vanished never to be seen again! Annoyed much!!!

Anyhow, it basically said the following:

Originally this would’ve been ‘Day 201, January 2nd 2013’ but I figured New Year, New Start so as my photographic blog is to be a bit more manageable for me best I start the tally again…

It’s all out of sync now so not sure what to do for the best… Maybe just blog is the best solution?! Opinions would be much appreciated now! Lol

I have gone brain dead & just can’t remember exactly what I wrote yesterday, the only part I’m sure about is:

Originally this would’ve been ‘Day 201, January 2nd 2013’ but I figured New Year, New Star


I’m just going to post the photo I took yesterday as it’s pretty much how I am feeling about this blog now… Empty!


Now where did they all go???

This is our tin of Roses looking in a sorry state… It’s even more sorry now with only a couple sweets left. You will of course notice there are a few rogue Quality Street in the tin, that’s because you go through them much quicker these days – not cause you’re a gluttonous chocolate monster, but because the tins are far smaller than they ever were 850g is all the hold now which is 125g light of last year & I swear they were 1kg tins before that too!!!

Oh, I’d just like to add that I quit smoking in Oct so I’ve now been a non-smoker for 84 days… Just need to start the health eating/fitness regime soon as the weight is creeping back on – still, let’s get the kids safely settled back to school & then worry bout that eh?!


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