Supporting Causes

I wish I could do more to support causes close to my heart, alas I cannot but I will always do what I can to support these causes & bring awareness to others about the conditions.

My top two causes are Epilepsy Support & Autism Awareness… Why?! Well because I suffer with epilepsy & my son has high-functioning autism, so these are extremely close to my heart.

I brought two lil mascots this week (a percentage of the cost is donated to Cancer Research, another cause I like to support) they’re ‘Forgotten Bears’ – a friend (via Facebook) takes these bears & brings them back to life with cute vintage outfits that she hand makes.

She is so very creative & I first discovered her through her amazing ‘Sock’ creations… I got a monkey for Cam, a bunny for Hermione & a kitty for Anneliese at Christmas from her.

These bears still need names, but Angela has done a beautiful job for me… I just asked for a blue autism bear & purple epilepsy bear, 1 boy, 1 girl & left her to it!

These are the gorgeous pair I received from her, great aren’t they?!


Team Autism & Team Epilepsy


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