Instincts need Trusting

So today I learnt a lesson… Trust your instincts more, as no matter how much you think you can prove them wrong invariably they’re always right!

My new exciting cake experiment went wrong, not disastrously wrong just wrong enough with my OCD I will not allow it out of my kitchen for anyone else & I in no way would cover it up with frosting or fondant as that’s deception!

Where did I go wrong? Well too little research is the simple answer, I’ve been so busy I just researched 1 YouTube video & took it as gospel it was the correct technique – Epic Fail!!!

I’ve since researched some more & trusting my instincts this time I am sure the new technique will be perfect, I should’ve trusted them last time as I was worried when seeing the tute video it wouldn’t work correctly as I wanted!

Maybe I should start trusting my instincts a little more?!


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