Twiddle Twiddle, Twitch Twitch

What’s this all about?! I hear avid blog readers all over questioning the captivating title!

Well the fact of the matter is “I don’t actually know myself”

Why am I blogging with a catchy title & nothing to blog about? That’s the next question you’re all asking…

Because I’m currently in my kitchen & have 12 minutes till an experimental cake finishes its bake… Then I will have another 30 minutes till the actual cake bakes, but aside from OCD panic clean (which I’m purposely trying to break the cycle) or mind numbingly play Subway Surfer or even frustratingly play Candy Crush Saga – blogging is a thing I like to do & haven’t for a while, think I’ve a bit of creative writers block.

I’ve plenty of sombre topics I could write about, but seriously the weather is enough to feel down about – who needs more than that weighing heavy on their shoulders?!

So a bit of a mish mosh blog to pass the time waiting on a bake.

I could write about this cake, its for a special friend Kellie who is turning 25 tomorrow… We met through chance at karaoke when I made her cupcakes for a birthday that a mutual friend asked me to do! Thanks Lottie x

Now I can’t give too much about the cake away as it’s a surprise… Let’s just say if this cake experiment works, there will be plenty of surprises I’m sure!!!

5 more minutes, but on looking through the window of the oven – so far, so good! It will be on the cutting of the cake that will say if it has actually worked successfully…

So why the title, bet you’re still wondering… It’s how I feel when I’m anxious – twiddling thumbs, twitching with nerves! That’s a quick rough sum up but anxieties run so much deeper & we won’t ho there as my cake will burn (not good).

So toodle pip for now on the hope my blogging comes back soon in full force!


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