Hermit Crab

This is what I am going to be, I have nothing left to give to anyone…

My meds for my epilepsy went up this week I’m now on 500mg in the morning & 750mg in the evening, they’re due to increase again so I’ll be on 750mg twice daily as of Monday 24th June.

Now from an epilepsy point of view the meds are controlling it better & I can safely say I’ve had no big seizures since taking them, my smaller seizures have lessened dramatically & have only had a few random occasions in the past few months where I’ve felt not myself.

From a mental health point of view, I think I’ve not been so bad… In fact on the whole I’d like to say I’ve been generally happy.

Alas life has now got the better of me & as true as my Neuro & Dr have said the meds are probably making me feel worse… I think a trip to the Dr’s in the morning is imminent as I’m about to crack.

Writing this I could just burst into tears, but I’m resisting – the kids are driving me insane, the car is dead at the garage & there’s nothing to look forward to without a family car.

Last weekend we renewed our Merlin passes with our Clubcard Vouchers & some Nectar points… What a waste! Can’t see them getting used much this year now.

I know I shouldn’t be ‘woe is me’ but I can’t help it. I hate everything right now & my flame has currently been extinguished.

Why is it always us?! Think I’ll just stop now…………………


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