So today I’ve broken blogger, well not so much blogger but an entry on one of my blogs over there…

I started a fairy blog, a little escape from reality, whimsical, dreamy, fantasy type blog with mythical creatures & beings!

So the blogger app was recently updated on Android, brilliant – I figured this morning I’d add an entry to my fairy blog as its only had 3 entries sin e I started last year, it’s a bit neglected you could say.

Anyway, on opening I just refresh my memory of its last entry & instantly notice a simple mistake if instead of of, easy to make when I is next to O – so easy to rectify!

I go to edit, simple… Then go to save & republish – crashes trying to save the draft! That was 11:17, I just checked back as was going to blog over on blogger… It’s still trying to save, it’s 20:35!!!

Arghhhhhhh, today has been one of those days at home good moments, bad moments, good moments, bad moments & so on & so fourth…

On one of the bad moments I didn’t eat dinner so starved myself, then ate a whole 140g bag of revels to myself & felt bad about it. Then on another I stopped watching The Voice from god knows when (I had a lot to catch up with) so I deleted that & the results & the other saved episode & carried on to delete tonight’s episode & series unlinked it!

Grrrrrrrrrrr I’m annoyed that I punish myself so when I’m stressed, still I suppose it’s better than punching a wall or worse?! But now I’m fed-up with nothing to watch, so a movie marathon while hubs works it is… But I’m undecided what to watch “/


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