‘LushTastic BathTimes’

So if you know me personally, through Facebook, via Twitter, from my Blogs (here & on blogger) or even by Instagram you may just of got the idea I’m slightly addicted to products from ‘LUSH

They are just the best, natural, smell divine, good to your skin, against animal testing, environmentally friendly, absolutely wonderful… I can’t rate them enough!

I absolutely, categorically, 100% love them!!!

& here today is my most favourite bath bar slice ‘The Comforter’

Now it’s my favourite bath bar slice, not my favourite product (there’s too many products I love for different reasons, how could I pick just one overall favourite?! It’s impossible).

So what is ‘The Comforter’ – I’d describe it as the most relaxing bath EVER (unless you get disturbed by children or hubby that is). It’s colour, it’s design, it’s fragrance, it’s softness, it’s perfect it’s a cuddly bath!!!

Let me take you on a photographic journey of what the process to a gorgeously ‘pink’ bubbly brilliant bath is like…


'The Comforter'


'Into the water she goes'


'Bubbly Fun'


'Never run Out'

Now to explain, the bar used today was it’s fifth outing… I think I can probably get almost 10 uses out of my next bar, maybe more.

The bar I used had originally has a third sliced, from the remaining 2/3 left the next outing I used a quarter of that. The third outing I used a third of for my girls, of the remaining piece on the fourth outing I used 1/2… Now today I was going to use the final 1/2 but no, I halved it yet again so I still have a small portion left which will be used as it’s sixth & final use.

I do however have a complete new bar, having trialled various sized pieces I can safely say I WILL get more uses from the next… Just look at all the bubbles from today’s little piece!

Such value for money & more abundant in bubbles/fragrance than any other commercial bubble bath! My skin is smooth, soft, silky & I smell heavenly gorgeous too!!!

Fact of the Day: ‘Lush is Lush’


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