Ooops I did it again….

Just keep reading, the title of this blog is not as it may first appear to many narrow minded people – now before anybody jumps on their high horse or soap box, I am NOT saying everyone is narrow or single minded or that I’m a mind reader or anything else stereotypical… But I do know that some people will read the title & jump to the most very wrong conclusions!

To help y’all out a teeny little bit perhaps I should give you the title this blog was originally going to be named?! What do you think???

‘LushTastic BathTimes’

Now I had it all planned, as you may or may not know I am a HUGE ‘LUSH‘ fan – so much so, I applied for a job in the Oxford branch this week (alas the hours didn’t fit this time, bummer). Anywho……

I had it all planned out for this blog, the catchy title, the content, I’d taken photos ready in preparation, the bath was running, it was all going so smoothly – till I was so distracted taking photos & doing all the prep in my head, I was not taking due care & attention to the bath water I was then running!

NB/ I WILL write my intended blog shortly after this impromptu blog!

I’d only gone & left the hot tap running more so than the cold, on entering my ‘nice, relaxing, tranquil’ bath water you could hear the cursing under my breath & yelps of ouch & argh as it was so darn hot (I’m a particularly cold person, so this of course was quite a contrast in tempetature) when will I learn?

In one respect a hot bath is good, it opens the pores & deep cleanses the skin… On the other hand it’s not so good, who wants to get out bright red & scolded?!

Still I think I managed to almost make it the comfortable bath it should’be been by adding a bit more cold to the waters equation!!!

Await the real blogarooni, which will be coming momentarily… Lol.


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