Not so broken…

… Well yes, you know my recent post ‘Broken’ about me possibly loosing an entry over at Blogger as the new ‘improved’ android app us not so improved – it’s not lost!!!

I used the blogger app on my iPod touch, edited the pesky typo of ‘if to of’ & saved it… Hey presto it worked & no lost post – result!

As a result of this I thought ok, benefit of the doubt I’ll try the blogger app again today as want to post on my cakey blog – so I figured as it was still hanging on saving the edit that I would delete the app completely & reinstall to see if that would fix the glitch?!

Alas on the reinstall it failed at set-up, couldn’t even link my blogs up – epic fail app! So it has been evicted from the phone, but I’ve found a lovely little android app that is glitch free called Bloggeroid… Works with Blogger & you can share to your Google+ account so thumbs-up!!!


'Bloggeroid '

It’s icon is a cutesie lil orange android & is now didn’t where Blogger once was, I’ve done my cakey blog from here successfully & am awaiting network blogs to share it on Facebook for me…

Watch out for more bloggeroonis coming soon, my mind is flowing!


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