Nighttime Strolls

I love walking in the dark, I do…

A beautiful nighttime stroll is wonderful. It’s peaceful (unless you go through the centre of town), tranquil, bliss!

You can reflect on your thoughts, calm yourself down, get exercise, wander through the churchyard… Possibilities are endless.

This evening I walked to Tesco, not the town centre which is a 5 min stones throw away… But the branch by Bicester Village, it opened the airways, I could think, it was nice & as I walk everywhere it didn’t take me that long at all.

I was initially going to undo all the hard work I’ve put in since October 9th last year & buy some cigarettes, I’ve had an extremely emotional/stressful day & quite frankly was at the point of throwing the towel in.

But I actually wandered around the store got some star stickers & blue raspberry laces instead! I’m sure the checkout girl thought I was bonkers, she asked if they were a reward for someone & looked shocked when I said “yes me” for resisting going back to smoking after nearly 9 months of quitting!

Still I’m proud I resisted so well, my waistline may not thank me for it… But who cares?! I am what I am – actually scratch that, I care!!!


2 responses to “Nighttime Strolls

  1. You should try it at 5 ish going home across the field when the rabbits are out to play. … and this weekend there will be a sleeping funfayre too. 🙂
    Nite nite.

    • Now if only I could… I don’t often get the opportunity to stroll at night usually, but I had to get out tonight as I was going stir crazy “/

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