Then there was peace…

I’ve just sent the little cherubs off to Nanny & Grandads for a short break… Lucky devils are going to the cinema to see ‘Despicable Me 2’ in 3D tomorrow – jealous much!!!

The children are bound to have a wonderful time & a much deserved break from routine, as much ad we are… Poor Nanny & Grandad will not have much of a break though, of that I am sure! Lol

So I sit here in what I aformally call ‘The Scribes Corner’ my little corner of the sofa where I sit, chill & write my musings in the form of my blogs – not really scribing as such cause I don’t scribe anything, but technically yes I am as I use a touchscreen phone which is kind of like a miniature tablet – albeit I use scribble trace txt!

I’ve sat today in pretty much silence for the whole day, it’s been very peaceful & calming… Surprising with the insomnia last night (only got 2.5hrs sleep) I don’t actually feel too bad, no doubt it’ll just hit me all of a sudden now!

In about an hour or so my husband will be home & peace will be broken, but it won’t be the usual dinnertime chaos that reigns the house – I shall be jumping in the shower, glamming myself up & heading out for karaoke tonight… By which point peace will most definitely be broken & then some! Lol


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