The curse of July 1st… 2013!!!

Insert sinister music here…..

This is what it feels like to me today, why?! Let me begin:

Wake up, number one son is his usual high-functioning ASD adolescent pre-teen self… Chaotic household prior to school, nothing unusual here!

This morning I had to make an appointment to have our old girl Pebbles put to sleep, they gave me an appointment at 9:20 – perfect, enough time to drop girls at school & then walk to the vets.

I must say I got a few odd looks walking down the road with a large cat carrier, but when you’ve know other way of getting there what can you do eh?!

So, Pebbles has been getting more frail the last few weeks – this was the kindest thing to do, she was over 17 years old & for a cat that is jot bad going at all. We’d been prepared for her to go at any time, but taking a furbaby companion for it’s last trip to the vets alone I still didn’t compose myself & ended up shedding some tears…

The rest of the morning was pretty non-uneventful, until I got home to wrap number one sons birthday presents – he turns 12 on Wednesday! Damn, loads of girls wrapping paper only a small few scraps of boys!!!

Fine, I’ll wrap tomorrow… No biggie, I know I’ll start on the figures for his birthday cake – so I carefully spend a good 3 hours making arms, eyes, feet, legs, bodies, mouths, bases & so on & so fourth.

Quick break to pick the girls up from school, as soon as I go outside flaming hayfever! My nose runs, my eyes are streaming, can’t see a blinking thing – my friend thought I was still upset after this morning (yes I am, but I’m not besides myself sobbing with grief).

Come home, to quickly finish figures & hide before the boy returns home….. Disaster, collapsing figures, squashed head – I could’ve cried! (Still could if I’m honest) Epic Fail!!!

I’m going to now cheat with his cake & put a character on top instead of making the figure, I’m too stressed to concentrate enough & there’s not enough hours with the youngests Sports Day Weds morning.

So after loosing it, wasting all that fondant, scrunching it all together & throwing in the compost, I plan to cook dinner for the lil cherubs.

Arghhhhhhh, I knock the bag of frozen sweetcorn on the floor – spilling it everywhere… Sigh “/

Then the children start squabbling, the dinner nearly burns, I forgot to put the hob on so mini kievs & smilie faces are cooked before the veg… I really want to go back to bed!

I’d started the day off feeling positive, but progressively I’ve felt worse & worse… I think instead of sending the children to bed soon, I may go myself instead as it has just about been one of those days & some.

Here’s to a better tomorrow, full of caking, wrapping & hopefully chilling before the school run!!!

R.I.Paradise Pebbles, miss you much & you were purring like a motorbike as you always have right till the end xXx


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