Not a slice, but the housewarming was nice!

So yesterday was spent doing chores & baking a classic Victoria Sponge for our friends Marj & Tony who recently moved to the town.

They’re now a well established couple in the karaoke circuit as they used to come up to visit Sally, now they live just around the corner so are part of the furniture like the rest of us!

They had a housewarming party yesterday evening & of course I decided I’d make a cake, much more homely then any gift for a couple that have everything.

I did a naked Victoria sponge, just filled with a fine dusting of icing sugar on top & finished off with a pretty ribbon.

Simple, Classic, Elegant… Perfect!


'The Layering/Filling Process'


'Completed & Boxed'

The only downside to the party was having to leave early for the babysitter & the cake had not been cut! Was a lovely gathering of the karaoke regulars without karaoke.

Looking forward to the ‘Sparky’ BBQ in August now… If it’s anywhere near as good as last year’s it should be very amusing!!!


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