38 Posts

No I’m not talking about fence posts, sign posts, lamp posts or any other kind of ‘physical’ posts…

I’m talking about posts to this blog here on WordPress! I’m actually quite proud of that as I’d started off this year aiming to do one or two blogs a month on here alone… Cause I’m so, so busy with day-to-day life, but you know what?!

I love to blog, it’s like a diary to me albeit not a ‘personal’ diary but I can blog it all down, get it out my system & not stress about anything… It’s relaxing, contemplating, enlightening & therapeutic.

So 38 posts in 27 weeks is pretty good going & you’ll have noticed in the past few weeks I’ve upped the blogging & posted almost daily, even sometimes 3 or 4 posts in a day!!! You also have to remember I also blog elsewhere too: I’ve 3 other live blogs over at Blogger.

Can you be addicted to blogging?! I think maybe you can or maybe it’s just the brain doing double time with so much information bursting to get out!


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