Blog Stats


So My blog so far has had 1,171 hits since it started in June 2012 (well it had when I took the screen shot to write this blog, may have gone up a few more hits by now?!)

Now let’s look at a few comparisions, since it has been just over a year since I started shall we see just how good a blogger I have been in comparison…

In June 2012 I made 21 blogs, but this year I only manager 14 in June

In July 2012 I made 15 blogs, this year (with this blog I’m writing now included) I will have done 15 blogs also so I will surpass my total for July – I wonder how many I can beat that record with?

Now the rest of the months between have no comparisons as yet, so I will just put the stats (even though you can see from the photo yourselves).

August 2012 = 4, September 2012 = 0, October 2012 = 2, November 2012 = 7, December 2012 = 0, January 2013 = 2, February 2013 = 2, March 2013 = 1, April 2013 = 2 & May 2013 = 4

Now the first 2 months I started this blog last year I steamed ahead with the blogging, Between August & June again it waned off although had a tiny peak of blogging in November but 7 is measly really isn’t it?! Considering the first month I managed 21 blogs it’s 1/3rd of blogs – So now I am on a mission to better my blogs & post as much as I can, It may not always have a lengthy blog to boot, it could just be a photo with a line or two – But there will be more so watch this space.

You may remember I blog at Blogger too & you can visit the following blogs of mine: Just Blogging AlongSo·phis·ti·cakez! & •°*˜☽ ☆ Sparkle ‘n’ Shine ☆ ☾˜*°•

So some more useless statistical facts of blogs, hits & numbers which probably don’t mean much to anyone reading this (I know if my bestie Jason comes across this entry he will no doubt find this most enlightening as he likes this kinda thing with figures, stats & all that jazz):

Just Blogging Along started quietly in 2007 & has had only 97 blogs written but a total of 5,973 hits in just over 6 years (it started in May ’07)

So·phis·ti·cakez started in 2011 but it only has 19 blogs so far, but has had a whopping 2,388 hits in just over 2 years (it started June ’11)

•°*˜☽ ☆ Sparkle ‘n’ Shine ☆ ☾˜*°• is the baby of my blogs, it only started in March 2012 but I only managed 2 blogs last year & only 2 so far this year as my creative mojo went AWOL… so a total of only 4 blogs so far & 447 hits – Not a bad amount of hits in just over a year really for 4 blogs though?!

So since 2007 when I started blogging I have had a grand total of 208 blogs with a massive total of 9,979 hits (going on the above photo of hits, could be a few more by now) I’m quite impressed by these stats even if nobody else is… Sort of makes it feel like although I may not be the most prolific blogger what I do blog my audience likes so I can’t be to bad at what I do.


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