Technical Glitches

Now it is true to say I really have not missed Facebook (FB) one little bit, certain people, groups, pages… Yes I have missed some, but on the whole no I haven’t.

Alas it seams a few people actually miss me though, as I’ve had some people asking why I’d blocked them (I obviously explained, no I deactivated my account & removed the app from phone) this in turn has caused issues of the technical kind.

I can’t run my cake page with my profile shut down, there’s family I can’t connect with across the pond easily & quickly without my profile, so what do I do now?!

So I figure I’ll re-enable the app but just keep quiet… First glitch or is it a sign?! Play Store doesn’t want me to enable FB!!! Haha, I’m sure it’s a sign.

So I figure, blurgh I need a factory reset on phone to get the default FB app back – now thanks to lovely Microsoft I have lost loads of contacts, gained lots of old contacts, got duplicate people with different numbers (as they’ve not requested a PAC when upgrading phones) so if you get a strange txt in reply saying “sorry who is this?” You will know why if you bother to read my blog of course! Lol

I’ve actually reinstalled the app & reactivated my very first original FB account, bear in mind I’ve not used this since 2011 so it needs some work, cover photo, tidying up, removal of cyber trolls & unnecessary hanger ons before I do anything with it at all.

I’ve added a few select people, but that’s it so far – I’ve done nothing else whatsoever. I’m going to see if I can link all 3 of my profiles into the 1, but I’m not sure FB will play ball so easy… Let’s face it, does it ever?!

Ideally I’d like my original profile back, cleaned up, organised but with my 2 newer accounts merged as there are pages, groups, friends that I’ve added in the last 2 year’s that won’t be on my original profile – but the newest doesn’t let me request people they have to request me which is a pain & is have to make an extensive list of all the pages I like etc to put in my old profile. It’s a right PITA (pain in the ass).

So we will just have to see what happens. I will use FB completely different when I’m set up than what I have in the past, I won’t be a slave to it as the last week or so has proven that I can function totally well without it – yes, certain games frustratingly rely on the blasted site but asides from that it’s just a virtual goldfish bowl with lots of creatures swimming about to look at!

I for one much prefer my blog, I just wish I could get others to interact with it more x


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