Supermarket Showdown

Now if you’re a local you will know for the past year the back end of Tesco has been having a makeover & Sainsbury’s has been moving in.

Brilliant I’ve wanted a Sainsbury’s in town for ages… More selection than Tesco & also it stocks certain products that Tesco don’t (& vice versa of course, can’t be biased & variety is key).

Now last week Tesco in town closed for a semi-refit (it’s a listed building so the outside can’t change much) it reopened it’s doors Monday, whereas Sainsbury’s opened it’s doors today (with much anticipation the new Vue cinema opens publicly tomorrow) all exciting stuff & 3 new eateries I want to try: Nandos, Prezzo & Dans Diner (think that’s right).

I’ve been to have a peek at both supermarkets of course, so where first?! I went to Sainsbury’s late in the day around lunch, with a friend via car – had to check out the carpark too! Funny though as we parked opposite was a car alarm going off creating a racquet with community officers standing around it, brilliant photo opportunity!

I like Sainsbury’s a lot, got the few bits I needed, was given a free Hessian reuseable bag designed by a girl at St Mary’s School with a nice summery feel to it.

Love the isle priorities on the trolleys… Did make me chuckle as it’s obviously alphabetical (apart from cereals is slap bang in the middle out if place) but this makes it predominantly male Beer at the top & Washing Powder at the bottom – made me laugh & snap it for a photo!

I also photographed the travelators as my children love them, nice long ones too – brilliant!!!


'Oh what Fun'

Now let’s move on to the new improved Tesco Metro… Wider aisles, more selection, actually even if you get lost walking around a once familiar store the layout plan when you open it up & look at it makes a lot if sense, its much more organised even if it doesn’t feel it at first – familiarity breeds content so the saying goes.

But what I absolutely loved more about the refit was the new worldwide foods section…. Absolutely wonderful & a whole section of American foods too, where I stocked up on Smuckers Goober PBJ, Tootsie Roll, Nerds but best of all I nearly leapt for joy in store was a product I’ve been trying to get for over a year is actually in our small town!!! Karo light corn syrup, I’ve been searching & searching but only Asda in central London could get it in before – Happy, Happy Days!


'Heaven comes to Town!'

Now who is the best Supermarket?! Both have great choice & value, but I don’t have a top favourite as both have things I need. The next test is all the new restaurants, I can’t wait!


4 responses to “Supermarket Showdown

  1. See I’ve still got influence – I told KARO to get that corn syrup to Bicester or there’d be trouble. Just great it came in time for your visit/look around. Luv xxx

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