Partying Hard

That’s the children not me…. More social engagements than I’ve had coffee today!

Last Saturday both girls went to a BBQ at a friend’s house, today Hermione (daughter #1) has gone to her best friends cinema party to see ‘Monsters University’ followed by a birthday lunch at Subway.

Also this morning both Cameron (#1 son & firstborn) & lil miss Anneliese (the youngest) went to their friends Pizza Express party where they created their own pizzas & party bags (Hermione was invited too, but obviously her BFF’s party took presidence).

This afternoon Anneliese has another party at another friends across the street – she’s one popular little girl, always bringing invites home!

Summer Parties are the best, I remember my own from 2010 which was awesome… A garden party till the early hours with good friends – must do it again sometime!


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