11am Fanfare!!!

Get the trumpets out, play the fanfare, let’s celebrate now… What’s missing?! Cake!!!

Now what is all this noise about???

Drumroll please (Mr Tom Marrs, can you help me here?! Drummer from ‘The CaddyFins’)………….

This is in fact my 100th post on WordPress!!!!!

So I figured, since I was slacking on this blogs very 1st birthday in June, I ought to make an extra special effort when this momentous 1st big milestone was reached!

To some this may seem trivial, but to me it is a great achievement. Not everyone can write, not everyone can successfully blog – I feel I can do both amply well, even though I’m not the most educated being I think I’m fairly clued up & my vocabulary is wide, thus making me a good writer & blogger (please correct me if I am wrong, after all these are just my thoughts).

I do wonder if by chance today, July 15th could be a miraculous day? Hopefully by chance it is a possibility that not only have I written the 100th blog here, but I could surpass my current view total of 81 & get 100 views today too – wouldn’t that be something?!

I mentioned before I had a few blogs to write today, so fear not this isn’t the last… There’s a final blog in my storage banks, but I fear the laptop may have to come out for that after a quick coffee break!

Watch out ‘The CaddyFins’ it’s all about you guys (well mainly the 6 if you I know with a small mention of the 2 I don’t) it’s all good though so don’t panic!!!


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