Today’s the Day…

Arghhhh, feeling fat, fat, fat & for good reason too – I am!!!

Now you may not think it, but I wear clothes that make me look better, I carefully take pictures so I don’t show the flab or I edit so my best features are shown… But the fact of the matter is I am fat!

Back in 2006 I joined Slimming World & weighed the best part of 12 stone (I was literally just under at something like 11st 13lb), yes not that heavy but heavy enough for me & I thought I was 5’5″ – now I got down to 9st 5lb & felt fantastic, carried on going throughout my pregnancy with Anneliese & maintained a healthy 10st 7lb (I think) after her birth. I quit in Dec 2009 for 6 months, this was a big mistake as my weight steadily gained back up to 11st 6lb so I then rejoined on June 1st, 2010.

My measurements then were:

Bust 40″
Waist 38″
Hips 42″

By March 20th 2012 I’d got back down to 9st 13lb – fantastic!!!

Last year was quite a rollercoaster & that date was the last time I attended Slimming World, I quit smoking as you know on October 9th last year & again my weight has steadily gained again since quitting both smoking & Slimming World.

A friend (Kat) had told me late last year about an app ‘My Fitness Pal’ I’d installed on my iPod touch but done nothing with it (I’m going against my iPod more & more, I’m not an apple slave or a sheeple).

Now today on Instagram I was looking through my friend Kat’s younger sisters photos & boy she looks absolutely amazing & some, she mentioned using the very same app so I figured I’d take the bull by the horns & make a change now!

I went to Play Store on my HTC Sensation XL to see if the app was available on Android & it was, so I downloaded it & installed, then I went on to register…

Now as it asks current weight I weighed myself: 11st 4lb (haven’t had dinner yet today, so from now on every Monday before dinner I will weigh in the same clothes too). It also asks height, so I figure I’ll measure it properly with bare feet: 5’4″ it’s official I’m a short ass!!! All these years I thought I was 5’5″/5’6″ – where are my heels?!

I then for my own records took measurements of bust, waist, hips, thighs (I did my under bust too) – urgh, depressing not only am I back to almost my starting weight of June 1st 2010 (I’m still 2lb lighter), I’m shorter than I thought & my Bust, Waist, Hips measurements are bloody identical.

I decided to take photos too, if I’m going to loose this week I want to keep a proper diary from now on (I absolutely loathe my body, it is horrid).

I plan to loose upto 2lb per week & get to 9st, the app says 8st 14lb which for my height is slap bang in the middle of the healthy weight range (lowest is 8st 4lb, but I think I may actually look ill at that weight).

My current weight is in the middle of the overweight range so not good at all, I’m not obese which is great but if I don’t do something about it now it could creep up further which would not be at all good for me.

I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my eldest child Cameron so I’ve already got an increased chance of developing diabetes in later life. As it stands with my current weight I’ve an increased chance if heart disease, high blood pressure & diabetes too.

Is rather not develop any of these conditions, I’ve enough issues to deal with as it is without added extras.

So without further a do it’s time to make a change now (I was going to wait till I’d given up smoking a year but no, why wait when I can start now?!) I will post the awful pictures of me for y’all to see my flab, my double chin & all my wobbly bits I hate (even my tiger stripes are on show (stretchmarks from pregnancy)).

All my measurements today are as follows:

Bust 40″
Under Bust 33″
Waist 38″
Hips 42″
Thighs 22″ (each)

Can I do this??? Yes I can, just you watch me… I’m going to try & give a monthly blog update so you can watch my progress too.

The app counts calories & it’s so easy to use, it scans barcodes & deducts the calories as you go along… I’m allowed 1,200 calories a day & that is what I’m sticking to (or less, as I’m going to be strict with myself & I’m very determined like I was worth quitting smoking).

Ready for these god awful photos of me? They show the flab, the saggy bits, the tiger stripes (stretchmarks from pregnancy), my double chin… I look hideously bad, so you get a collage of all I took & the very front view as a complete photo, yes u look at these & think ‘tummy tuck’


'It Starts Here!'


'Yuk, my body is NOT a temple currently'


2 responses to “Today’s the Day…

  1. I have to chuckle at the photo’s which you have clearly made yourself look really bad! I take it this is supposed to encourage change? If I put a photo on with “rubber ring” there’d be no room for any text lol!! Good Luck !xxx

    • I took natural photos Jo instead of my best features or stretched neck etc… Honestly just look at any photos of me that I’ve not been prepared for, I look hideous “/

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