Correct Mastication

No you did not read ‘Masturbation’

You read correctly it says: ‘Mastication’

As one has previously portrayed in her blogs, she is not as green as she is cabbage looking & is also educated rather well even if it was through public school.

For those with lesser vocabularies or whom did not pay much attention to detail whilst at school this is the definition of: Mastication

Now ask my husband (or anyone else that knows me well) I’ve always been good at this…

If your still thinking rude thoughts, please pick your tiny mind out of the gutter for just a few minutes of your time to read just what it is that I am referring too!

For the few that won’t bother to click the link, Mastication is in fact the art of chewing food properly.

I’ve always done this, it does make me a rather slow eater most of the time but it does serve a very good purpose & when trying to lose weight an even better purpose.

You see if you wolf your food down you generally don’t feel full at the correct time & also you tend to get hungry much quicker. However, if you masticate properly (I’m sure u can even improve on my mastication) you feel full when you’re actually full & hunger stays away a while longer.

Mastication also helps you digest food properly, it’s like cows chewing the cud – how many of you have watched a cow grazing on grass & how long they actually chew the same mouthful over n over???

So I’ve been lead to believe in the past each mouthful should be 20 chews to be fully masticated properly, now I don’t think I’m quite at that extreme but I do give it my best shot. With my current get fit/lose weight campaign I shal be making a more concious effort to masticate even more.

I know this will be tedious for anybody eating with me & no doubt frustrating, but I want to savour each mouthful fully, taste the flavours & absolutely appreciate everything that passes my lips.

I’m quite a fussy eater, so losing weight does not come easy for me… Hence with this ‘my fitness pal’ app that counts calories, I’m hoping will be the key to my success – Day 3 & still determined, I even had my breakfast at 11am so to make sure I didn’t skip it!


4 responses to “Correct Mastication

  1. Keep going Lynda. I was also told that feeling hungry somehow es means you need to drink more. So drinking plenty of water helps.

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