Wonder Woman

Well my name is Lynda… It may not be Lynda Carter but I feel like Wonder Woman a lot of the time!

I’ve trooped like a soldier today, piles of washing, children testing my patience & they still are (well the boy is), I’ve even been a pack horse from town laiden with bags…


'A Hefty Top-Up'

So I carried this little lot by myself, just a little 5′ 4″ weakling! It included of the following: 2 x 4pt 1% Milk, 3 x 1l of various squashes, 2 x 500ml vitamin waters, a 10 pack of Capri Sun, Apples, Nectarines, Plums, Cherries, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Mushrooms, Bananas, 2 x boxes of Glo White, mini pepperami pack, 3 pack fridge raiders, 2 x spaghetti cheesestring packs & 2 x 6 packs bacon rasher crisps! (The latter 4 items are for the kids lunch boxes) – now that’s a fair weight on my shoulders, so hopefully will assist my weight loss in the process!


6 responses to “Wonder Woman

  1. That’s why you go no bingo wings with all that carrying – we’ve got a spare OAP shopping trolley in the loft if you want it!!!! Luv xxx

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