On with the Bake…

So one door closes, another opens & cake is soon to be in abundance once again!

I’ve a chocolate 8″ due out on 24th, a Victoria 12″ due out on 27th, I like to have a spare 8″ chocolate & Victoria to hand in the freezer for those ‘I need a cake quick’ moments – fortunately I’ve tried & tested successfully that my recipes work perfectly when frozen, they come out as fresh as they go in (so long as they’ve been cooled/wrapped properly).

So as I’m stuck in waiting for a delivery today, I figure its a good day to get ahead & get some baking done… I think I have enough eggs to do all I need, if not the reserves will just have to wait!

Rather excited as while getting a few supplies last night I also ordered some more Clikstiks to add to my growing collection from Windsor Cake Craft – I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can play!!!


6 responses to “On with the Bake…

  1. Alright, what is a “Clikstik” ??? I’m banned from the vast expanses of our kitchen cos M.I.L. is also having a baking morning for the freezer – several various quiches and a Guinness cake for Charlie (next door) ‘s birthday. So guess I’ll just have to listen to the Test Match on 5 Sports Live!!! It’s a hard life. Luv xxx

    • Clikstiks are a brilliant tool from Windsor Cake Craft… I love them, got various alphas & shapes that I use & they’re much easier than tappits. Confused now?! Hehe x

    • Well I am short of eggs so only 3 x 8″ sandwiches… 2 x chocolate & 1 x Victoria! Be doing my 12″ tomorrow when eggs replenished. Don’t to make up my batches of buttercream frosting in both chocolate & vanilla though instead today x

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