Not procrastinating, please Do Not get these two confused!

If you are drinking coffee you Are Not procrastinating, indeed you are merely procaffinating.



Yes it is true, my one vice….. Coffee, I’ve tried to quit my addiction but I just can’t!

I suppose it’s kinda like those that love Tea?! I absolutely 100% categorically Love coffee!!!


'Oh how I Love thee'

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee… If I had to choose one substance alone to live off of this would win it for me hands down (so long as I had a pet cow for fresh milk on hand).


'All about the beans'

I’m not ashamed of my love for coffee, I can’t drink (cause of my epilepsy meds), I don’t smoke anymore, I’ve never done drugs (other than prescription meds)… So a little vice such as loving coffee is just a small fish in a big ocean! Plus coffee gets you through just about any day!!!


Shamelessly Addicted


'My Hero'


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