The day before tomorrow…

Well it’s the penultimate day before the children break up for the Summer Holidays.

A little over 6 weeks of pure joy with the darling cherubs (well no stress of school mornings trying to get them all ready & out the door on time at least).

Now Cameron is rather lucky in the fact that a) today he has a fun thrill seeking time at Thorpe Park with his house from school (alright for some) b) he finishes by lunch tomorrow & c) as he will be going to year 8 in Sept he gets an extra day on the end of the holidays off too (he goes back Sept 5th)!

The girls however have a full day at school tomorrow & go back Sept 4th… Hermione can take her DS in tomorrow, so I best put it on charge before I forget!

Both girls took their cards & gifts in for their teachers today, Hermione will be going into her final year of Primary school in Sept while Anneliese goes into her last year of the infants (KS1).

Doesn’t time fly? Even though at times it feels like it’s dragging, it really does pass by extremely quickly sometimes.

I suppose I’d ought to think about new uniforms soon, don’t want to leave it till last minute. I actually think there’s not too much to get this year, of course shoes are a must though & new water bottles too.

Not much planned for the holidays, except of course Hermione’s 10th birthday on Aug 6th – I’ve a special cake planned, but I can’t give away any secrets yet… She has requested mocha cake though, so I think a dozen mocha cupcakes to go with her main cake will have to be made as mocha won’t work with my plan “/


2 responses to “The day before tomorrow…

  1. School’s out for SUMMER – you may not believe it but I can still remember that feeling – especially after I met M.I.L. (we went to different schools) – then the summer had really begun!!! Luv xxx

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