Storms n Humidity

Make it tough for a caker…

Today has been stressful for me, fortunately all was not lost but we’ll get to that later.

On with the blog!

So the last day of the school year, trying to get 3 kids off to school on schedule is no mean feat (especially when they’re hyped up for just over 6 weeks of summer holidays).

I had a cake to do today to (fortunately being picked up tomorrow morning) but all did not go to plan. It has been so hot & humid the past few days (still is now, even though we had a brief monsoon if a thunder, lightning & torrential rain – lasted no more than 30 mins).

So attempt one: cake ready to board, fill, crumbcoat – Epic Fail!

My frosting seemed a little stiff so I gave it a 10 sec burst in microwave… Normally this does the trick, but OMD it went runny as hell today – think the high content of cocoa didn’t like the weather/heat combo (after all according to the news it’s not been this hot here in 7 years).

So I beat the frosting all the same, it took on an almost ganaché appearance… I figured u would try it – another epic failure!!!

The cake had gone too soft in the humidity & as I went to spread there frosting it just tore the cake, crumbling away with the palette knife. So I stabbed it & burst into tears!


'Epic Cake Fail'

By this time it was almost lunch, I’d wanted to be finished as my eldest only had a 1/2 day today & I’d planned to have some mom/son time together on the PS3 before the girls finished school.

My son came home to me in floods of tears, gave me a hug & asked if he could help – I said just watch some TV to him so I could get on but first can you pop to the garage & check the fridge for chocolate frosting also the freezer for an 8″ chocolate cake (remember I freeze some for emergencies, good job I did last week).

He brought me the respective replacements, I removed the cake fail from the cake board, cleaned the board, put there frosting into Kitty (my KitchenAid),  turned her on & added a tbsp if milk to beat back to a proper consistency.

So I started again… Take two: board, cake, fill, top, crumbcoat, cover, decorate!

I ended up with a few spare fondant shapes so I decided, after giving a slice if the cake fail to my son for being a star (he even went to collect the girls from school for me while I put the finishing touches to cake mark II), that I would throw them on the failed cake to prettify it some!


'Can't waste these'


'Award Winning Cake Fail'


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