6 long weeks….

& as far as today has gone our summer holidays are restarting tomorrow!!!

No more Mrs ‘nice’ Mommy, no more ‘take me for granted’ – instead it’s ‘Cross my path if you Dare?

For far too long I’ve been kind, caring, loving, nice, trusting to the children & far to many others that quite frankly taken advantage of my good nature!!!

It stops now, I’ll not fall for people’s or the children’s games anymore… I came off Facebook due to trolls, I’ve removed an app called kik (that my lovely friend Sharla in Alaska had recommended) due to damn right desperate lonely perverts (I think I wore out the block function).

I’m now concentrating on myself & my children, social networking has gone absolutely crazy with trolls, perverts & god knows whom else.

I worry a lot for the world we are bringing our children into, the internet is becoming a horrid place to be: Trolls, Perverts, Cyber Bullies – how do we keep our children safe?! Teach them right from wrong? The world is becoming more technologically minded & focused, with only a minor selection of people that don’t rely daily on it.

So without further a do, the TV is off, the Consoles are off, Phones are extremely limited, Computers are off, even the Stereos are off.

Today we’ve been doing chores, but tomorrow we’re hoping for fun & maybe a treat to the cinema.

Friday the children can play in the garden while I decorate a special engagement cake for some nice friends ‘Congratulations Emma & Chris’

Who knows what the weekend will bring, but I’ll have an extra pair of hands to hopefully lighten the load.

Happy Holidays!


2 responses to “6 long weeks….

  1. You are so right. I may be old fashioned but my summer holidays although i the dark ages always seemed to be fun. Building tents etc in the garden with my friends. Does wonders for the imagination x

    • M.I.L I used to skip with a skipping rope, roller skate, go to the park or ride my bike. Occasionally we would just walk round the village/town/churchyard (don’t ask, lol). Never up to mischief though, well maybe a very tiny bit but not naughty! Lol x

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