Alton Towers & Thunder Storms

Wow… What a birthday?!

Now as hard as I tried not to have a birthday this year, there was no avoiding it!

It started Friday really when some lovely karaoke regulars gave me cards – Thank you Marj, Tony & Sally!!!

Saturday I kinda by passed it, but didn’t as my friend Saskia took me out for lunch – thanks hunni, time out was much needed & appreciated x

Sunday we had a family lunch out with my dad also & went to TGI’s which was lovely, great food & a funky birthday tune by the staff – major embarrassment, but I wish dad or hubs had video’d the tune as it was rather unique & cool!

Now yesterday was epic… Alton Towers on my actual birthday:


'Do you think they knew?!'

Now I’ve wanted to go to AT for a while as not been since 2011 or it may even be 2010 – I know we didn’t go in 2012 as we skipped a year on the Merlin annual passes & took time out.

But, you may recall from previous blogs, I was desperate to try out the new ride ‘The Smiler’


'Yes I was tall enough... Just!'

So surprised on the way, we took my dad with us (after all he fixed the car) & in my gift bag was….. A creme egg! Brilliant!!!

Anybody who knows me must know by now my love for these things & to have one on my birthday (as they’re seasonal) was just ‘the icing on the cake’ so to speak!


'Eggcitement in the Car'

So on arrival at the park, we got Cameron’s ride access pass & headed straight for The Smiler, if it was the only ride I was going to do… I was going to do it on my birthday!

Now we had a bit of a wait as the ride hadn’t actually opened, but we queued & waited while they checked, tested, tested again, we had some fun convos with a family in front of us & a family to the side too (none of us were moving, even though it had started to spit a little with rain). Then they opened the ride up, adrenalin overload, excitedly we headed forward & ended up in the 3rd car round.

Verdict?! = Awesome, Amazing, Epic, Fun, Brilliant, Great, Love It!!!

Now hubs had taken the girls off to another ride or two while me, my dad & my son had waited & ride The Smiler, so we then had to go back & reform the complete group.

Throughout the day I did the following rides: The Flume, Congo River Rapids, Duel, Nemesis, Air, Rita, Sonic Spinball, Runaway Minetrain, The Skyride, RiverBank EyeSpy, Charlie n The Chocolate Factory & of course The Smiler.

We walked round Sharkbait Reef, the SeaLife centre on resort & were lucky enough to see an actual fertile Stingray egg – I got a photo, weird looking things but how great?!


'Isn't it strange looking?'

Now the weather was fairly kind for the day, albeit we actually got drowned like rats on the Congo River Rapids, just as the ride was about to finish the heavens opened & a torrential downpour came – Ooops! Lol

Trouble is that went as soon as it came after soaking us & many others that got caught in it. A little bit of drizzle after that till mid afternoon, we had just finished on Charlie n The Chocolate Factory (dad was in need of a caffeine fix, wonder where I get my love of coffee from eh?!) – we looked at the sky & started to run across Cloud Cuckoo Land (I knew we could get coffee there) – the heavens most definitely opened then, to make matters worse the kiosk that served coffee shut (think the rush of people overwhelmed the poor lady running it) so we let Anneliese have a play on the Big Wibble bouncu castle play area as she’s 2″ under 1.2m so can still get away with it!


'Having Fun'


'Boy did it Rain'

As we were watching Anneliese play, you could hear just how heavy the rain was (glad we had somewhere to shelter this time) then the thunder started & it was loud n angry! Perhaps the weather didn’t like my joviality?! No matter, it didn’t stop my fun for the day.

When the rain stopped was when we headed to Sharkbait Reef, we got hot coffee & doughnuts too! After that we went towards the farm & Cameron wanted me to record the Ice Cream van which played the AT signature tune ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ by Grieg (I’m not as uneducated as you may think) – it is kinda cute in this format!

All in all a top birthday, despite weather & a few little glitches from tired children it was good.

I didn’t want a cake, so when we got back home I had a cuppa with a lemon meringue Krispy Kreme as I’d asked for – Simples!



After all at Alton Towers they gave me this:


'Very Important Small Person'


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