Birthdays, Bath Melts, Bliss

Birthdays – Enjoy them generally, don’t mind getting older, can be fun, like celebrating & cake!

Bath Melts – never had them, smell nice, sure they looked pretty, don’t like hot weather… Lol!!!

Bliss – so far, stayed in bed, children behaving, off for a bath with the surviving Bath Melts!!!!!

Special thanks to my parents-in-law for their birthday gifts, I am sure the Bath Melts looked absolutely beautiful when they were bought/wrapped… Alas I think the heatwave we had didn’t go to well with them!

Dunk told me not to tell you, but I can’t lie they melted while wrapped. I’m still going to use what I can out of what’s left, actually off for a bath now as feel bad today after the last few full-on days!



They smell divine so ain’t going to waste what’s left… I cleaned the packaging up!



Please don’t stress about it, I’m not & everything else you sent is just perfect – Thank You for all you do, your support, love & being wonderful in-laws xXx


4 responses to “Birthdays, Bath Melts, Bliss

    • They still smell gorgeous, don’t worry I’m about to dive in M.I.L & after all its not about the gift itself it’s the thought behind it of which I know there is plenty xXx

  1. You should have melted them again – poured into a container on a flat surface. When set cut into quarters – simple.luv xxx

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