‘Bestie’s ‘BIG’ Break’

Now some of my readers will know that my best mate is a fellow blogger like myself & in fact we have a lot of similarities (well a few common interests) but all the same, we both write blogs & have been doing so for roughly the same amount of time.

The next similarity is that we are both stay-at-home parents looking after the home & children in general while doing a bit of a hobby/job on the side – he DJ’s & I cake!

What’s with the ‘BIG’ break then?!  Well the fact of the matter is my best friend is trying to fulfil his dream of a writing carer & has actually just published his first not 1, but 2 eBooks on Amazon (the first book is also available in Paperback too, if you are anything like me & don’t like digital reading of books – I just can’t get on with it, weird that I can blog till the cows come home & read blogs well, but I can’t concentrate reading a full book online)

Now the first book Fortysomething Father is a light-hearted “year in the life” diary style book documenting his experiences of being a stay at home dad. When he’s not looking after the children he’s out DJ’ing & running karaoke nights to make a living. Whatever the ups & downs of parenting, it’s all described in a highly humorous manner. Nappies, mealtimes, theme parks, toys, holidays, it’s all here & more, with plenty of laughs along the way. It really is a good giggle & based on his blog.

If you are quick you can get the eBook for FREE – it is in the Amazon store now at the promotional FREE price until the end of today, tomorrow it will be back at the RRP of £1.69 & the paperback retails in around £9 from Amazon.

This eBook has been out for a couple of months now & now bestie is getting the writing bug, he has just published his second edition Austerity Dad, so get set for another roller-coaster ride in a year of being a stay-at-home Dad & enjoy the ups & downs & downright hilarious musings of the author.

In this second volume of parenting diaries, Jason gives his wise, wonderful & occasionally ludicrous money saving tips on subjects as diverse as shopping, holidays & male grooming, then to top it all there’s even a bit of DIY Dentistry, (I kid you not) a tale of dental fee avoidance which brought him to the attention of the media & a live interview with Nick Ferrari on the breakfast show on LBC. That’s just one of a huge collection of gathered anecdotes on any & every subject that popped into his head over the past year. For every parenting anecdote there’s another with unhealthy eating advice, spoof letters & the ever on-going battles in his local supermarket.

The second edition is not yet published in paperback & is slightly higher priced at £2.09 for the eBook, but hey why not take advantage today & get the first eBook FREE & the second eBook at £2.09 & it’s like a 2for1 deal – There’s my shrewd money saving tip of the day!!!

So just to remind you the eBooks are: Fortysomething Father & Austerity Dad – you can click the titles & be taken straight to the Amazon pages… what are you waiting for?! Grab a bargain now!!!

Obviously I have every faith in my best mates writing & want nothing but the best for him & his family, they are after all very good friends of ours & we are also God-Parents to his youngest son Jamie.

Now I have my own unique style of writing & bestie has his, but there is no doubt he has a witty sense of humour, my parents-in-law are already ploughing through the second edition having read through the first much quicker than I have (then again I have been following his blog, so pretty much know it all – after all he is my best mate too)… But please, don’t just take my word for it – pop over to Amazon grab a bargain on both books & have a few laughs ‘Give my Bestie the Break he so deserves’Image

You can find my bestie over on Twitter @BicesterBlogger, give me a mention if you tweet & say hi from @Lady_Cupcakez!


2 responses to “‘Bestie’s ‘BIG’ Break’

  1. Good sales promotion – we’ve already got our copy of Book 2 – Diane’s half way thru’ it. Luv xxxx

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