Just a week away…

Eeep, Eeep, Eeek & a Whoop, Whoop, Whoop de Whoop!

Can you tell I’m a little excited?!

I bet you can’t…

But what’s with the excitement??? Is it that bestie will be back from his holidays & I’ve not seen him since school broke up?! Nope, think again bestie (sorry, I’m a bit excited to have you return though)…

The real excitement couldn’t get much more exciting (asides a massive lotto win)!!!

My beautiful cousin Zoë is visiting next Sunday, this time her boyfriend Matt will be coming too so finally I get to meet him (I think a duet on karaoke from the pair of you is in order, what do you think Hannah?! Zoë make sure you point my blog in Hannah’s direction!).

Not only am I excited for a) my Cousins visit b) karaoke with bestie (can’t have him feeling left out) c) meeting the fella in my Cousins life but d) here’s the biggie…..

We’re off to one of my ultra most fun days out: Alton Towers!!!

Yay, I could scream… I know I went recently for my birthday, but we didn’t do all the rides & I so love that place. I am hoping that all the big rides are working well for my Cousins trip, we gotta do: The Smiler, Th13teen, Rita, Air, Nemesis, Sonic Spinball, Runaway Minetrain, they’re my top fav rides & everything else is just an added bonus!

Now my cousin Zoë is a couple years younger than me but we’ve been miles apart in distance although as close as sisters all our lives.

Look how cute we were:


Cousins as Children

But we’ve both been fortunate in our beauty (yes I’m vain & yes I’m biased), we still both look gorgeous now…


Gorgeous Girlies

Now who is who in each photo? I know, my cousin will know… But can you tell us apart? Not only are we close like sister, but I also think we’re very similar in appearance too!


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