Slowing up

So it appears this month the blogs are slowing up…

Well it’s like this, I’m a stay-at-home mom, it’s school summer holidays, my eldest has high-functioning autism (& other issues), my two girls are always at each other & life is chaotic.

Now we aren’t stoney broke, but we’re not rolling in cash either, we get by. I don’t drive due to my epilepsy & well this small town is improving but I am limited as to what I can do (or afford) with the children.

The park can only be done so many times, there’s youth group most Thursdays for the older two but it’s just a couple of hours, every other Monday is young carers for the girls (again just a couple hours), I can’t take them swimming without adult supervision for myself cause of the epilepsy & anything else costs money. We’ve done the kids am film Epic at the cinema but I just can’t afford to go with us all any other day cause it will cost over £25 just for tickets!

Weather is another limiting factor as to what we can do, so we’ve been watching movies, colouring, playing but you can never please all 3 at the same time no matter how hard I try.

Therefore, I’ve had a shortage of a) time & b) material to write for any blogs…. Even my photo addiction with Instagram has slowed right up too – what’s the world coming to?!

Hopefully next week blogging will be back in full swing as hubs has a week off, we’ve fun days out planned, my cousin is visiting from Devon – mega exciting stuff on the horizon!

Alton Towers, Warwick Castle, Sealife, Thorpe Park?! Who knows what else we can squeeze into a week???


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