Why do I try?!

Answer me this…..

Why do I try to have a positive outlook, be honest, help people & generally be a nice, caring, kind person to then have it all thrown in my face?!

I’ve worked my socks off at home today, both girls had showers after I cleaned cat poo out the bath (grossly gross & smelly), I sorted the washing out to go away, I sorted the loads out to be washed, I tidied the kitchen, I eventually got the boy motivated to move, I assisted some peeps on FB, I’ve bent over backwards not taken my meds all for others.

I discovered the freezer had almost defrosted thanks to it not being shut properly last night, hopefully the bread is ok for the children’s lunch I’m about to make.

Ask me how my days been & this is exactly what I’ll tell you, I don’t paper over cracks or sweep things under the carpet – what you see is what you get, if I feel rubbish I’ll tell you, if I’m run ragged I’ll tell you.

So why do I do it all?! Because it is in my nature, I’m kind, caring, friendly, loving & do anything to help anyone but myself…

Just one of those days & now for some Disney magic with a coffee to put the smile on my face, it will not be my downfall!


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