4mths, 1day

Yes it’s just over 4 months & what will be here?!

Christmas that is what! I don’t even want to think about it & quite frankly a year without it sounds like my kinds bliss tits year.

There’s the cakes to bake, tree to choose then decorate, presents to buy n wrap, endless cards to write n send & can you genuinely say that on Christmas Day you can 100% be with the ones you love?!

Do not get me wrong, I love my children dearly of course I do but I’d so like a Christmas in Australia with my cousin Kate or to visit my good friend Sharla in Alaska, my girlfriend Laura (whom I miss dearly) in Canada or even my wonderful Auntie Ruth in Spain (just a few examples of those I hold so dearly in my heart that I never get the extra special time with).

Everything is so damn expensive now, what can you do eh?!

Apart from my son (he is so easy as he knows exactly what he wants) I’ve absolutely no idea whatsoever this year – actually that’s nit strictly true, the girls always like my bath bombs from Lush & Bomb Cosmetics… I’m sure I could sort them something, but bath bombs do not compare to what the boy wants.

I suppose I shouldn’t grumble too much, there’s still a good 3 months to get it all sorted right?!

Time moves so fast though, it’ll be Halloween before you know it & then BAM Christmas is here!!!

I’ve already got my simple wishlist for Christmas, but I’m not saying else it won’t come true – just two things that’s all & I can’t have one without the other, so I’ll lock this wish away to ‘STAY’ maybe, just maybe if I wish hard enough it will come true x


4 responses to “4mths, 1day

  1. Our Xmas is complete – presents wrapped, cards written & stamped, puddings all made, only the tree & decorations to sort!!!! Lolxxxxx

  2. If only!!! Diane’s got an app. to see the “sawbones” on Mon. 9th Sept. to see what they can do for her knee. Luvxxxx

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